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And so it began...

Mr. Connady it's really very simple. Our company firmly believes that robotics are the wave of the future. We've analyzed the toys you put on the market and there's a lot of potential. But we've also done cost analysis based on price of materials, prototypes, sales price versus units sold. And frankly I'm amazed you can afford morning coffee for us. (the grimace on Tom Connady's face told the story of the coffee)
All we want is this. Our company will finance your robotics Section. Frankly it's the only part of your business we're interested in. The rest of this... (he waved his hand over all the brightly Colored cartoon based Kitsch) can easily support the remainder. you build and test the initial prototypes. we'll give you specs on what we need for our mod testing, as well as additional personelle to assist the tests. Obviously we'll need full specs on all your designs so we can build our Mods appropriately MegaConGlomaCo retains its rights to the toy design, we retain our rights to the Mods and have first dibs on any commercial interest in the robotics. Any money you make on Sales is one hundred percent profit to you; Our financing is not based on that.
Any questions? I can have our lawyers here with the appropriate documents tomorrow. Thank you very much, Mr. Connady, we are truly looking forward to working with you.
Oh. Here, if you're interested in what else our company does I brought along a copy of our latest rag. It's a compilation of all the articles that received our Spectra journalism award last year. They're really quite a good read, I assure you. See you tomorrow .
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