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Block pillow - in honor of Lochlain

Block pillow front /></a><br/><span style=Block pillow front a photo on Flickr.
So this is one of the projects I managed to finish today. I've had the blocks done forever - hurrah for builder's insulation - but it's been held together by elastic and annoyance. Useable, but only just. Thanks to a discarded foam-core sign I got ages ago from a friend, I made the frame and secured the whole thing with brown packing tape. I figured the tape would have *just* enough give for me to get the blocks in, but still hold it all quite snuggly. Taped the frame to the pizza box piece I'd been using as a base, and Voila! I have a test piece of lace to make, so I'll have a chance to see if this will all work as intended, but... I have a pretty good feeling 'bout this. And whether it works or not, it's DONE!

* I dedicate these cardboard-and-tape constructions to Lochlain, who never could stand to see a hump job being used for more than prototyping when he could make it pretty and permanent. Still miss you, cranky man. {{{}}}
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