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Guilty pleasures

So I spent several several hours at work (while actually doing work, thanks very much) watching this year's Dancing With the Stars. Under any other circumstances, I might say "sorry" and hang my head in shame. In this case, it's all because Ralph Macchio is one of the Stars. Okay, technically that's *still* a reason to hang my head in shame, but... Remembering that I'm a child of the early 80's, Karate Kid left some long term branding on my psyche. Assuming he's not putting on a serious act for the cameras (and it really doesn't seem so), he's every bit the nice little New York boy I always suspected. I never had an actual crush on 'Daniel', but he always seemed like a kid I'd like to have hung out with. ::shrug:: As it turns out, he can also dance (he's the current front runner after episode two). 

There are some other interesting people to watch - Kersti Ally, Sugar Ray Leonard, some others. The judges seem to actually be judging the dancing (heaven forbid!) without being weird about it - over the top at times, but not the diva posturing I've seen in American Idol and Sing-off. this is the first I've ever watched this show, and it may well be the last, but it's oddly fun and this seems to be a good group of fairly pleasant people who happen to be stars. I'm cool with that :)
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