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So I'm working on a 'story'. There are quotes because it started life as a dream, got remembered enough for me to build on it, and I've been mauling it in my brain for several weeks. I don't know that it will ever actually get written, which is another quote reason - even in my head it's a quasi comic book-prose-graphic novelish thing, so I don't know if it's got words or pictures or what.  Oh, and it's utter crap, but that's not any reason in and of itself to not commit it to at least my own paper ;D  But one of the underlying principles of this quasi-superhero story is how the energy of the body or soul is preserved, conserved, passed on or able to inhabit other objects and people. It's based on a theory my SO and I ponder, that ghosts are a form of persistent energy; that is, that due to the laws of conservation of energy, the electricity or bio-energy that powers a human being in its life doesn't always dissipate, but sometimes is attracted to and sticks in an area where other people encounter it. I sum this up badly. But the theory is that, in this story, bio-energy is essentially the soul. When a person dies their soul disperses, and when a person is born some portion of the 'ambient' bio-energy coalesces in order to become their new soul. Some people are able to keep relatively intact souls from life to life - see past life regressions and such - and some people get or create new souls because there isn't enough old soul energy around. Our story's lead is a medium, able to be possessed by another's soul, and it's suspected that the reason is because he has one of these new souls. Actually a good part of the story is built around discussing these ideas, it's being explored by some of the characters.
Tags: dreams, imagination, research, stories, wip

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