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It's the little things...

I got a surprising amount of random stuff done today. Nothing really super important, maybe, but stuff that mostly needed doing. Magnets on the kitchen cabinets (we'll see if they're enough to stop the cat). Cleaned all the dishes and counters. Mopped the winter off the kitchen floor. Planted stuff. And finally tried that chocolate chantilly recipe -- dark chocolate, water, a touch of amaretto, and Yum :D

It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, makes it out of the seed this year. I've got some combo of foxglove, forget-me-not, wild columbine, viola, and a "colorful flower" mix, which looked to be a majority marigold. If any of this stuff germinates, I'll be amazed and thrilled. First we have to see if the grounds crew decide to 'helpfully' weed out the flower bed this year. :/

I also purloined a large plastic pot-vase thing that was blowing around the communal grounds. I'll wait to see if a neighbor suddenly shouts,"That's mine!!", but then I think it should contain a tomato plant. Sorry flechyr , that *will* require more garden soil :D


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