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Pennsic XL

I don't really have anything to say; this is just a holder to acknowledge that I'm not dead yet. Had a pretty darn good time at Pennsic. Felt none of the guilt of last year for doing virtually no fencing. Had a great time with my fiber stuff, although I do need to do better at organizing Lace Day next year if I do it and improve notes for my class (no surprise). The biggest addition to my Pennsic schedule was music (thanks Margaret!) I never made time for part singing classes in the past, but it was a completely worthwhile way to spend time. Did a bit more socializing, a lot more hanging about in camp and not feeling bad about it... all in all, I think I was just in a much better frame of mind this year. Two weeks went by very qickly, and the weather didn't totally suck. I just might be willing to do it again. Maybe next year :-)
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