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The state of the Saturday address

Things to do, things to do... another five minutes, another coat of stain on the new maru dai. At this point I'm debating if two coats are enough or if I should add a third. May depend on how bored I get, or if I suddenly *need* to start a braid. Started rerooting a whole bunch of poinsettia bits - I'm afraid the poor plant got far too little sun over the hot days of July (I kept the blinds closed on the room) and need up fading away. There were a few new leaves trying to open, so I cut off the viable bits. We'll see how well any of them do. I have two out of three survivors from the first attempt, so there is yet hope. The mother plant was getting very spindly, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing in the long run anyway. Now I need to decide if I'm going to work on the lace project of Boredom,try out a new pattern that I copied out of Janet Arnold 4 (I want to try it as a free lace i.e. without pricking), or try to get a small amount of cleaning done in the craft room, bearing in mind that I'm not sure where to even put a bunch of this stuff. I *so* need better storage options. And less crap. Sigh... :-)
Tags: household maintenance, plants, projects

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