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Not easy to do with a cat in your lap, but I guess I decided to play with the free lace pattern after all. Once I pick better threads, this one ought to be fun and fast. It helps that the pic in JA4 crystal f-ing clear - I can trace the individual threads if I want to. So cool :-)

Edit: Aaaand here's the problem with crystal clear pics - I suddenly noticed that there's actually a set color pattern in the metal threads. Mind you, the text says, "silk, silver, and silver-gilt threads", which means you have both silver and gold in there. What was a very straightforward pattern has become somewhat more complicated now as I suss out where the different colors go if one wishes to preserve the original look. It's actually a fascinating journey, but a little hard on the eyes as I peer into the book and try to trace individual threads, so I can see what goes through and what turns where. At least now I have incontrovertible proof of the C-T-T-C turn being used in period. I'm already trying it out on the leftover metal thread from the Plymouth Plantation project and some filament-style silk I got at Pennsic this year. Bonus: when I picked up the bolster pillow to clear it in preparation for this new lace, I discovered 3 dozen danish bobbins I'd bought, still in wrappers. Almost as if it was all waiting there for me, just for this project... :D
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