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I Probably shouldn't post in the middle of the two eps -- we've only seen half of the second round of groups. Sara is indeed the touchy-feely judge, although she makes me cringe less than Nicole. I think they made a mistake in who they voted off this week - as desperately as I want a girl group to kick ass, Delilah had better really step up their game, because they got lucky. Having said that, I don't think Kinfolk 9 would make it all the way to the end. At the moment, our money is on either Urban Method or Afro-blue. They've both done songs that, under any other circumstances, I don't like. And yet... flechyr said it best, there's just something about U M that reaches even through the television and makes their sound really amazing. I don't know, but whatever ...I'm pretty jazzed to see what's still to come. Even the college groups are really stepping up their game -- I think the previous years have set the bar pretty high, and it's really awesome to hear these groups step up and try to beat it.
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