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At some point I will probably want to revisit in more detail the weekend trip to the grandparents et al. Or not, because in short order I'll retty well have forgotten most of it :/ Short attention spans being what they are... But I randomly realized today - I am apparently the only only-child in the whole family that I can think of. I'm not 100% sure about grandad, but I have a passing recollection of a sister that was in their wedding party. Grandma's got 3 brothers, I know one great grandma had at least two sibs, although I know nothing of the other three. Dad has two brothers, each of whom has two children, and the aunts all have brothers or sisters. Mom's side is a little smaller, and I think my cousin on her side might be an only as well (which, to be rude, is probably just as well considering how genetically challenged I think that particular branch is.) I know the maternal grands had siblings, but that whole set was already significantly older so I never knew anything about their parents. All of which is, I'm sure, irrelevant to anyone else. Just one of those passing 'Huh!' moments. I will say, this is the first time in, like, ever that I've felt anything like my actual linear age. Most likely because the uncle that I've always been closest to, in age especially, is *grey*! And BALDING! AUGH!! :D

I still have to figure out how to find out why my other uncle pretty much ignored me, if that matters, and/or if I care. Well, obviously I care at least a little or I wouldn't even contemplate the question in the first place. It might just be me justifying losing touch with him and his kids, and not wanting it to be my fault. *shrug* I'll figure out how much I care at some point, if it's beyond mere curiosity. Ramble ramble...
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