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I'm trying really hard to remind myself that money, while it isn't everything, is certainly *useful*. And that, while this is interesting stuff, I'm not an embroiderer. At least, not any kind of serious embroiderer - sometimes it's a change, or a tool, but it's not even close to my focus. $1200 is a lot of money, for information that is interesting but not necessarily useful and for materials that are cool but aren't necessary and a project that I'd make once and never again and what would I even *do* with it except stare at it, assuming I even finish it, and then get it lost in the morass that is the rest of my craft life, because it has no bearing on any of the historic stuff I even actually *do*. In summary, cool but ultimately useless except for the pretty factor, and I don't do pretty. But I've had the page up all day staring at it occasionally, and I stared at it the last two times it came up in a discussion, before dates or prices were finalized, and it *would* be really cool, even just for the info and for the kits, assuming I never bothered getting around to the box itself, and... I'm just really trying to talk some sense into myself. Not that I've ever been particularly good at that. I'm such a G-D- magpie... ::eyeroll::
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