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Randomness Saturday, part deux

...Because everything with a foreign language in the title is just more sexy.

Really just a quicky follow-up to Saturday. I did end up using the washer for soak and spin dry. I just put a generous squirt of dish soap in the first soak, as I felt I needed the better degreaser in it, and a second soak that was just water. Both times, as hot as the heater produces (which is HOT!!!). I only let them soak about 2 hours each time, which isn't enough time to cool off the water much in a closed washer, but it seemed ample time to get the majority of crud out. I anticipate washing the yarn once it's spun, but... At the moment stuff is finishing drying on the rack, so until I can get to it and comb some, see how it faired and how clean/greasy/whatever it still is, I will hold off any adjustments to processing. I still have plenty to do, since i'm limited in the number of bags to hold fleece plus minimum of 4 hours to process (while I could leave things alone in the middle, I don't want to leave fleece soaking in water over an 8-10 hour work day, or over night). I'm hoping things are dry enough tomorrow to play with - I promised myself I'd lace tonight. We'll see how well that holds up... :D
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