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Several thoughts that have rampaged through my head over the last couple weeks. I've thought some of it before, but we're hitting critical mass, and I need to get it out. I almost posted this in Facebook, but decided this isn't the sort of thing that all my 'friends' need access to.

I'll stop complaining that insurance doesn't cover birth control when you stop insisting that erectile dysfunction drugs must be covered. You don't get to control what goes in until I get equal control over what comes out.

I won't go near the hypocrisy that is abortion vs fertility treatment, as touted by the Bible-dependent debate society. Not in public, anyway; that slope is more slippery than I'm comfortable with. Also, I'm at work and there are only so many hours in a day.

I feel fear when people in positions of power, or who are desirous of power, feel comfortable speaking *in public and on record* of restricting freedoms for subsets of the American population. Either they are so enamoured of their beliefs that they would rather shoot themselves in the proverbial foot and lose their positions, or else they are terribly certain that such statements won't cost them a thing. My fear is that it is the second thing.
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