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There's a lot that I'd like to post, rantings and ravings that I almost need to type out so I can get it out of my mind and stop obsessing. But some of that ranting I do on the trek to/from work, and some of it I just don't even want to talk about. It won't change anything, and I'll just have a more permanent reminder that, right now, I'm whatever kind of idiot I am. Frankly, I already threw out my college journals for being that kind of reminder. I don't need to create new ones.

On the practical side, though... Farmers Market season is upon us. This year I've been a lot less shy about grabbing more of things than we can eat in a week, as last year's experiments in freezer preserving were relatively successful. We just had the last of the zucchini from last year for dinner, and it was no worse off than the frozen stuff I'd used closer to it's preserve date. It's never like fresh, but it had taste and a little crunch, and it worked perfectly well sauteed in garlic and butter and dumped over noodles. The blanched greens worked great all winter too, so there's no reason not to continue. I need to pay more attention to prices as the next stage - buy low, eat high :D But the proof of concept has been quite tasty. Too bad I can't do the same with things like lettuce, but there does have to be a certain robustness to the plant in question before you can preserve it. Frozen lettuce is just a terrible thing - did that once by accident, it turned glassy and slimy, never do that again. But this year I'm adding berries to the mix. They do cost,, for the most part, significantly more at the FM than at the grocery store, but they're fresher, I know where they came from, and I get to talk to the people responsible for growing the tastiness. Support your semi-local farmer - most of these guys are from Michigan, local enough for me. Maybe next year I'll try to organize some friends into going to one of those you-pick-'em farms for a day. I still need to learn to make jam, although the one jar of freezer jam I did last year turned out okay (considering how wilty the grapes were before I froze them, I'm not complaining). I'm just too lazy to play with pectin and boiling water. Or rather, I'm just too lazy! The straw and blue berries currently in the freezer can, at the very worst, turn into cobbler later on if their consistency degrades too much from being frozen.

What I realize I need to do now is keep track of what I do to each food, since some I blanch and some just get sliced and frozen. Heaven forbid I try to obtain consistency! That, and I need to finish tweaking the recipe for the deodorant I now make and use. I'd love to get some sort of anti-perspirant quality to it, but that's really just a nice-to-have - even the commercial antiperspirants don't work well for me, and they can't even stop me from being stinky which is what prompted this particular DIY. At least now I smell more like an exotic drink from the coconut oil :)

Right. Enough babbling. Time to clean, mend, record, and see what the hell the cat is doing in the bathtub :/
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